Productivity-Quality Mngt

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I)Concept of productivity and various ways / modes of calculating it.
Ways to improve productivity. Partial productivity and Total productivity. Simple direct problems relating to productivity, partial productivity and total productivity. Product and Service Quality dimensions. Characteristics of Quality. Quality Assurance quality Circles Elements of Total Quality System. Quality Circles. Philosophies regarding Quality namely, Deming and his contribution to quality. Deming’s 14-points for management Philip B. Crosby’s philosophy relating to quality Juran’s philosophy regarding quality Cost of Quality.

Introduction to Productivity

Measuring and Improving Productivity

Introduction to Quality

Introduction to Quality (Contd..)

lecture 2 Productivity Measurement

lecture-4Intro to quality

lecture 5Juran&Crosby

II) Suggestion schemes. 
Various types of wage incentive plans. Total Productivity Maintenance. Job evaluation and Job rotation. Learning curves – description, limitation and use to management. Simple problems on learning curves. Lateral thinking. Split brain theory. Week Study (Method Study, Time and Motion Study) Work Measurement Problems on these topics.

Suggestion Schemes: Wage Incentive Plan

Job Evaluation 

Total Productivity Maintenance and Learning Curve

Lateral Thinking

lecture 8

lecture 9

lecture 10

III) Concepts of customer service in relation to right quality, right quantity

Total Quality Management – definition, basic concepts, eight building blocks, seven stages and pillars of TQM Seven deadly disasters. TQM in services. Introduction to “lean” thinking Juran’s triology – Muri, Mara, Muda. Kepner Trego Method of Problem solving Brain storming Delphi and nominal group techniques. Ergonomics. Single Digit Minute exchange of Dies (SMED), Benchmarking.

Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)

Problem Solving, Its Techniques and Ergonomics

lecture 7.1_TQM

lecture 12

lecture 13

lecture 14

IV) Holistic Quality Management
Quality performance and various excellence awards Six Sigma features, enablers, goals, DMAIC / DMADV Taguchi’s quality engineering, Poka Yoke, National Productivity Council, JIDOKA, KANBAN, ISHIKAWA (Fish Bone) diagram ISO standards regarding quality such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS 9000 and other emerging standards. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Deming Application Prize and TPM Awards

Six Sigma, JIT and KANBAN

Class 8 Taguchi and Learning Curve